Different standardisation schemes cause ambiguity and confusion for the users and providers of truck parking in Europe

Why an EU standard for Safe and Secure Truck Parking Areas?

Currently, different schemes for assessing the level of security provided by SSTPAs in Europe are being used. This causes ambiguity and confusion for the users, providers and auditors of SSTPAs and the insurance industry, therefore decreasing both the demand for, and the implementation prospects of SSTPAs. Moreover, a significant part of existing security ratings is based on self-assessment which adds to the ambiguity. What is required is one scheme for the certification of truck parking areas by independent third parties and clear requirements for every rating level within this scheme.

An EU-wide standard for truck parking areas has the potential to create greater transparency and build trust amongst users. Having a commonly recognised standard with long-term EU backing will also help to guarantee the right conditions for private sector investment by parking operators and financial investors.


The standard addresses both security and service aspects, while it covers different levels of security to match the industry’s diverse needs

An EU standard to match the needs of the road freight transport sector

The proposed EU standard for truck parking areas has been designed to cover both security and service requirements. These two elements are strongly interrelated, and both have the potential to contribute significantly to the modernisation of the sector in Europe and the safety and well-being of drivers.

The security requirements have been defined to address three main areas:

Security requirements

Equally importantly, the service requirements build on a number of comfort elements for drivers, including a focus on the needs of female drivers, addressing six main areas:

Service requirements

Both security and services are audited. The common standard consists of 4 security levels, building on one another (Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum, from low to high).

In order to be awarded an audit certificate for any of the four above-mentioned security levels, the mandatory service level must be met. The optional services are also audited to ensure reliable information but will not determine the level of the parking area.