Audit Framework



The audit framework of the SSTPA Standard is based on the ISO 17021 standard, and incorporates five entities:

  • (i) the truck parking operators;
  • (ii) the auditors;
  • (iii) the auditing/certification entities;
  • (iv) the SSTPA Secretariat;
  • (v) the SSTPA Administrative Committee.

The Truck Parking Operators/Developers are the ones to initiate the audit approach, by requesting the certification of a new, existing or upgraded parking.

The Auditors, following the request of a truck parking operator/developer will undertake the audit based on the detailed specifications of the SSTPA standard and using the auditor’s checklist. The responsibilities & requirements of the auditors, are the following:

  • shall certify good conduct;
  • shall have a contractual relationship with the certification entity;
  • shall have successfully passed audit training according to international standards (ISO);
  • shall have successfully passed a training as auditor according to the latest version the SSTPA Standard;
  • shall have good working language of English as a minimum and knowledge of the relevant local language.

The Certification/Audit Entities, will receive the results of the audits performed by the auditors and will issue the audit certificates to the truck parking operators. The responsibilities & requirements of the audit entities, are the following:

  • shall have a group accreditation according to ISO 17021;
  • shall be responsible of organising training and having a contractual relationship with its auditors;
  • shall issue the audit certificate to the parking operator, with a simultaneous copy to the Secretariat in an electronic standardised format through the SSTPA Secretariat’s website (after being registered)
  • shall establish procedures to deal and ensure a follow-up to complaints and complaint resolution;
  • shall carry re-audits (every 3 years) including mystery shopping;
  • shall revoke audit certificates if parking operators no longer comply with the SSTPA Standard in line with the audit, as initially carried out by the certification entity. In such a case they will inform accordingly the SSTPA Secretariat through the respective interface provided in the website.

In terms of evidence, when an organisation applies to become a Certification Entity, it has to provide only the ISO 17021. Based on this, the organisation is registered as a Certification Entity on the website. The registered Certification Entity has an obligation to have its auditors adequately trained on the SSTPA standard before doing any parking certifications. Evidence that the auditors used are trained, will remain with the organisation and will be readily available in case it is requested to be presented.

The Secretariat has been assigned to the Hellenic Institute of Transport of the Centre for Research & Technology Hellas (HIT/CERTH) by the EC Expert Group on Safe & Secure Parking Areas for Trucks. The responsibilities of the Secretariat are the following:

  • shall develop and maintain a website providing information and facilitating the adoption of the SSTPA Standard;
  • shall publish the latest version of the standard;
  • shall maintain list of qualified Audit Entities;
  • shall maintain a list and data of certified truck parking locations.

The Administrative Commitee is comprised of all members of the EC Experts Group on Safe & Secure Parking Areas for Trucks, and is chaired by the EC . The responsibilities of the Administrative Committee are the following:

  • shall resolves disputes;
  • shall take decisions on changes/clarifications related to the standard;
  • shall deal with exception procedures.