Safe and Secure Truck Parking Areas can tackle cargo criminality and improve drivers’ working conditions and road safety

The need for Safe and Secure Truck Parking Areas (SSTPAs)

Road is the dominant mode of transport in intra-European trade and logistics, accounting for close to 50% of all tonne kilometres, and 75% of inland freight. A large proportion of total road freight tonne kilometres are accounted for by Heavy Goods Vehicles (HGVs), with capacities of over 40 tonnes, travelling long distances and making cross-border trips. Every day, goods worth billions of euros are transported on the Trans-European Road Network, which constitutes the backbone of the EU economy.

Despite the sector’s successful performance in terms of volume, it faces a considerable range of issues, amongst which the increasing challenges related to security and safety and the unattractive working conditions leading to driver shortage and an ageing workforce. A truck driver spends the largest part of his time in a truck cabin, at warehouses, intermodal terminals or parking/restaurant areas along motorways. Hence, it is of primary importance that these environments provide a proper level of security, comfort and dignity. Unattractive working conditions and inadequate security affect job attractiveness and recruitment, and ultimately the prosperity of the sector.

Moreover, cargo criminality causes substantial financial and reputational losses to supply chain operators as the European road freight transport sector continues to be an attractive target for cargo thieves and traffickers. Cargo thefts in the European Union alone result in direct losses estimated to exceed € 8.2 billion per year, with most thefts taking place when trucks are parked.


An EU-wide standard for truck parking areas will create greater transparency for users and will facilitate private sector investment

The steps towards the development of adequate SSTPA facilities

To promote the development of SSTPAs in Europe, the European Commission (EC) in 2018 funded a study which resulted (among others) into a proposed standard for SSTPAs in Europe covering both security and service requirements.

Furthermore, in 2019, the EC established an Expert Group on Safe & Secure Parking Areas for Trucks to assist the Commission in the implementation of safe and secure parking areas as well as of their technical specifications.

The present website had been developed as an initiative of the EC Expert Group on SSTPAs, and aims at providing information and facilitating the adoption of the SSTPA Standard.



The website is managed by the Secretariat of the Experts Group on Safe and Secure Parking Areas for Trucks. The Secretariat is operated by CERTH/HIT

For whom is this website?

for truck drivers, wanting to spend their rest in a secure area with services & facilities matching their needs

for freight transport companies & shippers, looking for secure parking areas that meet the requirements of their cargo and itinerary

for truck parking operators/developers, wanting to know the requirements of having certified an existing or upgraded truck parking and/or looking for a certification entity

for certification entities, wanting to register an audited and certified truck parking

for auditors wanting to be informed on the EU truck parking standard

for insurance companies, wanting a transparent view of the security level provided by truck parking areas to their clients

for technology service providers & NAPs, wanting to embed the SSTPA information in their applications